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Interview with Moti Crystal – 29/01/2015

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I.S.: Have the gates been opened to negotiation with terrorists?

Will the Palestinian ICC application pressure Israel to change its policies? 01/01/2015

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With: Amir Oren & Sami Abu Shehadeh

Victim’s widow: “Yanai protected us with his body”

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01/03: two jews indicted over arson attack in Duma

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The News Today with Lucy Aharish - 01/03/2016

Shares drop worldwide after China halt trade

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News Flash - 01/07/2016

Kafr Qasim: A 59 year-old wound between Israel and the Palestinians

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In the Arab-Israeli village of Kafr Qasim, a memorial was held on the 59th anniversay of the Kafr Qasim massacre. Ayman Sikseck on the meaning of the event for Israelis and Palestinians 6 deacdes later.

Economy – 02/25/2015

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Today on the show: as Apple reaches new highs, more surprises lie ahead. And one Lebanese minister, breaks taboos as he fights corruption.

Economy – 02/11/2015

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On today's show: The resilience of sexism in Silicon Valley. Also- TV's highest-paid late-night TV personality, steps down.

Israeli Start-up Presents: Non Dairy and Non Soy Baby Formula

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White House says Trump statement contrary to U.S. values

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Morning edition with Yael Lavie - 12/08/2015

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