JPost News: February 9th

Strategic affairs minister yuval steinitz spoke on a panel at the munich security conference on sunday and said that radicalism in Israel is

taking over.

After a meeting in Munich on Sunday, the Quartet of Middle East peace mediators urged a prompt resumption of talks between Israel and the

Palestinians. EU foreign policy chief federica mogherini said the group wants to see negotiations restarted soon.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali khamen aaa eee told a gathering of air force pilots and commanders on Sunday that he would support a

nuclear deal.

He said that he supports a deal even if neither side got everything they wanted and that he will agree to a quote practical deal. He made the

comment in a direct gesture of support for moderate President Hassan Rouhani, who is responsible for reviving diplomacy with Western powers.

The negotiations between Iran and the six powers have a deadline of June 30th for a final agreement that would curb Iran’s disputed nuclear

activity in return for a phased lifting of sanctions imposed on Tehran.

Twenty-two people were killed outside an Egyptian soccer match on Sunday when security forces barred fans from entering the stadium

Most of the dead were suffocated when the crowd stampeded after police used teargas to clear the fans trying to force their way into a league

match between two Cairo clubs

The government has curbed the number of people allowed to attend matches to avoid violence, but supporter groups have often tried to storm

stadiums they are banned from entering.

Despite the violence, the match went ahead and ended with a 1-1 draw. Some media speculated that the government could cancel the national

league championship in light of Sunday’s violence.


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